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Bullying and Harassment Training

Don’t let bullying or harassment jeopardizes your work place’s health and safety.  Bullying and harassment happens at every workplace normally this behavior is directed towards a person or a group.  It’s important for employers and employees to be able to identify and handle such actions properly.  It can truly affect the morale of employees and make a very unfriendly and unsafe work environment.

Our Bullying and Harassment Training teaches worker and employers on how to identify, approach, and eliminate bullying and harassment properly.  With our trainers consisting of retired law enforcement you can be assure that work place bullying and harassment will not be tolerated in your work place.


Who needs Bullying and Harassment Training?

  • Any company that wishes to inform workers about workplace bullying and harassment.


What does the course cover?

  • Identifying and defining bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment

  • Discrimination in the workplace

  • Employer Obligations

  • Conducts that are allowed by law

  • Investigating incidents and complaints

  • Why bullying and harassment occurs

  • Effects of bullying and harassment

  • Confronting and Dealing with bullying and harassment

Upon completion a Certificate of Participation will be issued. 

Learn more today by calling us at 609-270-7821 or contact us using our web form.

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