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HR Consulting Services

You can get personalized help for your HR compliance challenges from consultants with decades of real world experience.  Our customized services make your life easier by simplifying complex regulations around topics such as FMLA, Wage and House I-9 compliance and more.

Services we offer:
Audits & Assessments

Get an independent, third party evaluation of your HR compliance to help you prioritize your time and focus on areas that need attention.


  • Corporate and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Compliance Assessment

  • I9 Compliance Assessment

  • Wage & Hour Compliance Assessment

  • Staffing Agency Compliance Audit


Policies & Procedures

Proper policies and procedures are the foundation of your compliance program.  We'll make sure you have the right ones in place, and that they are compliant with regulations.


Keep your employees safe and your company in compliance through effective, on-site training.  Your assigned consultant can help you train employees, drivers, managers and supervisors with customized curriculum developed for your unique situation.

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Compliance Training

  • Training & Curriculum Development Services

  • Sexual Harassment/Misconduct Training


Government Reporting

Your consultant will help you with government reporting such as Labor Law postings through the Employment Law Poster Audit & Research Service.

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