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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing offers random drug and alcohol testing selections through our new consortium services.  It is important to keep your work place drug free.  By providing randomized Drug and Alcohol screening we can assure your business will prevent accidents due to drug or alcohol abuse.

Is Your Work Place Drug Free?

At Atlantic Investigations, LLC our facility is well equipped to provide accurate drug and alcohol screening.  We can place your regulated employees (DOT / FAA / PHMSA / USCG) into an appropriate random selection consortium to facilitate your random selections.


Or if you have non-regulated employees whom you wish to random lie test for drugs and/or alcohol, we can place them into our non-regulated selection consortium or, if you prefer, we can create a company specific selection pool as well. 

We also offer Court-Ordered Drug and Alcohol Testing, DOT Medical Exams, DOT Mock Audits and Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Training.

For information about our consortium services call us at 609-270-7821 or contact us here.

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