Atlantic Investigations understands each situation is unique and since no two investigations are ever the same, we take the time to listen to facts that surround your case, find out what is most important to you, determine what resources we have available for your situation and then offer suggestions to help you make important decisions affecting the outcome of your case. We are able to provide many types of investigation services to fit the needs of your case.

Our investigations services:

  • Civil and Insurance Investigations

  • Background Checks


Simply call us and Atlantic Investigations will send a licensed Private Investigator to your business.

Civil and Insurance Investigations

Civil and Insurance Investigations require as much evidence uncovered as possible. At Atlantic Investigations LLC our team of private investigators can help uncover and assemble the information needed to make sure your trial will be successful or your company doesn’t fall victim to insurance fraud.
Civil Trails start with analysis the one with the most solid case wins. In other words, proof is everything when it comes to winning a civil case. There are many types of civil cases we handle domestic, personal injury, worker compensation, property damage, and much more. Depending on the investigation, Atlantic Investigations LLC may use surveillance, background checks, medical or forensic investigations, witness examination, and other methods to obtain the truth.


With our team mainly consisting of retired law enforcement we can provide;

  • Worker’s Compensation Investigations

  • Witness Locations

  • Witness Interview

  • Signed Statement Retrieval

  • Attorney Services

  • Court Services

  • Fire Inspections

  • Fire & Arson Investigations

  • Accident Investigations

  • Safety Investigations

  • Trial Preparations

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Investigations

  • Trial Preparations


If you need a civil or insurance investigator, call us today at 609-270-7821. No evidence will be left uncovered.

Background Checks