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DDC 8/6 - Defensive Driver Course

Atlantic Investigations LLC is a certified training center of the National Safety Council.  We take pride in providing individuals and/or employees with the practical techniques to avoid collisions and traffic violations. Our DDC 8/6 course offers strategies to help reduce collision-related injuries and costs associated with vehicle accidents.

Why take a Defensive Driver Course?

  • Teaches drivers responsible and safe driving behaviors

  • Driver Point Reduction

  • Reduction of Vehicle Insurance Costs

What will you or your employee’s learn?

  • Traffic crash statistics

  • The dangers of driving under the influence

  • Crash Dynamics

  • Importance of safety equipment including seat belts, air bags, child seats, and much more

  • Crash prevention techniques

  • Risks of driving fatigued or under stress

  • Traffic Laws in State of NJ


Why Choose Atlantic Investigations, LLC?

  • National Safety Council (“NSC” approved Atlantic Investigations, LLC as a Public Training Center (currently the only agency so certified in South Jersey!)

  • We are certified to provide basic and CDL licensed drivers defensive driving instruction through the use of two NSC trademarked programs:

    • Defensive Driving Course – 8/6 (8 or 6-hr course)

    • Defensive Driving Course – Professional Truck Driver (6.5-hr)

  • After completion of the DDC course students will qualify for a 2-point reduction, and also mandatory, 3-year insurance discount.

  • Provider of Drug & Alcohol Testing to satisfy insurance companies and the DOT.


Our DDC Defensive Driver Course can help save you money and most importantly save lives.  Sign up today by calling us at 609-270-7821 or register online.

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